Using Apples new TestFlight Beta Testing

... which is not to be confused with the old TestFlight (which Apple bought and called TestFlight). At work, we do a pilot release of our app before we go live »

Air New Zealand: getting mobile right

The Air New Zealand app has come a long way - they used to just have a sticker with an RFID chip on the back, and now they have moved »

Retailers blocking Apple Pay. This will not end well.

From The Verge and Macrumours: In fact, a significant number of merchants, including heavyweights like Walmart, Kmart, 7-Eleven, and Best Buy, are in outright competition with Apple Pay. The retailers »

Standing all day

This article (and sadly I don't remember how I got to it) really struck a chord with me today. As part of getting my feet wet, my principal suggested I »

Dave Winer: The lost art of software testing

Absolutely worth a read: I remember when I first encountered a software tester. I had just signed up with a publisher, and they employed testers, and one was assigned to »

Apple Pay: It's not one thing

TL;DR: Apple announced a payment thing called Apple Pay. I've seen a few knowledgeable people talking about it recently, and apparantly either getting it wrong, or missing some of »

Three (hopefully) interesting things

"Interesting" is, of course, relative. Like a lot of people, I've moved to a standing desk. After 3 weeks, it's going well. I had the usual sore legs and feet »

Zuckerberg and Gates

Two articles, next to each other, in my rss reader this morning. The first is about Facebook, via Marco Arment. Scientists at Facebook have published a paper showing that they »

Codemania! Ver todos los videos!

Looks like Ben has been busy, slaving away at his Finalcut desk: all the videos for Codemania are out, including mine! Some of the talks I enjoyed the most: Michelle »

Respondly - getting better at supporting my apps

I've had various apps in the AppStore for a while now - 3.5 years for mobileAgent, and over 4 for my first public app, London Bike App. Support has »