A day at the museum

I took a day off today, and Leonie and I finally went to the Natural History Museum, after a somewhat lack-luster breakfast at Nude Espresso (which, to their credit, the staff (in person) and owners (via email) corrected and put right. Thanks)

The NH museum is in a fantastic old building, and while there are loads of amazing dead things in there - eg the blue whale, wow, to scale.... it's HUGE - the best thing for me (and possibly us) was the building itself. There is so much detail in there, so much difference (eg 10 small balusters on a balustrade, all of which are totally different), and just so much... wow.

This was taken with an iPhone 4, in HDR mode, and stitched from around 15 shots with Autostitch. It still blows me away I can do this on a handheld device.

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ